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Roar Softly
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Jane has an essay on the subject of losing her sexual self in this anthology edited by her friend Autumn Stephens of the “Wild Women” series. Of the collection, Publishers Weekly said: “In contrast to the derring-do of man vs. mountain stories, this collection (whose title riffs on Theodore Roosevelt’s macho injunction to "carry a big stick") lauds the feats of women who have battled personal demons like marriage, divorce, pregnancy, motherhood, lesbianism, anorexia and breast cancer. But there’s more to this anthology than struggle and strife. The 28 contributors chronicle their own soul-searching with an equally diverse range of tones, from incisive wit to spare elegance to unabashed frankness. Several selections address the rift between domestic bliss and free-spirited singledom. Though several authors address serious issues with this sort of lighthearted pluck, readers will sense the emotion that lies beneath. Both reflective and unflinching, these accounts will resonate with women from all walks of life.”

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